What will India be like in 2030

As we know that India is a developing country. It is about 72 years of our independence, but we have achieved a lot in every sector. We also have succeeded in increasing our economic growth. India is becoming the leading country which is almost successful in everything. We have all the latest technologies in our country. We have all the developed arm to protect us from the other country. India has shaken hands with most of the developed countries, mostly all the developed counties have a good bond with India. 

India desires to have some changes till 2030 as we lack in many things like India is having significant issues of caste and religion, gender equality, health care system, etc. There are many things which are changing in India mentality of Indians are also evolving.

By 2030, we might see a drastic change in India in comparison to today. Some of the changes are listed below:

Raising population:

We know that the population of India is increasing rapidly every year. India is ranked 2nd in terms of demographic. We have a massive community in our country, and the birth rate is very high. It is assuming that India will leave the china behind in the term of population. At by the reaching to the 2030 India will become the first highest populated country. It is a matter of concernfor Indians, but according to the growth rate, India will surely be a highly populated country.

3rd largest economy:

At present India is the 7th largest economy of the world. The GDP rate is growing every year in India. India is the fastest-growing economy of the world, and the day will be no longer a way that India will achieve 3rd rank in terms of economics. India will leave behind Japan and Germany and become the 3rd largest economy. From the developing country, it will become a developed country. 

Due to the better policies, India will surely achieve this rank. India has also opened its market for foreign investors, which helps in increasing the GDP rate. There will be an increase in GDP as well as per capita income.

Advanced arms equipment/ weapons:

India has become a powerful country we have a lot of advanced arms equipment/ weapon with us. Our Indian army is the most potent army than the others. In terms of security at the border, we are very much secure that our Army men have extraordinary arms than the other country. Another country will think twice before the attack.

India has the number one army. We will be ranking as 5th highest military powers in the world. Our Indian army is considering as one of the strongest armies among all the countries.

Right now India is dependent upon France and USA for technology and weapons, but we are practising in making self weapons. Our Airforce will become the 3rd highest ranked Airforce among the country till 2030.  

High technology:

As in now, we have all the latest technologies in India. There are many workplaces, hotels and restaurants where the robots are working instead of humans. Technology in India is growing day by day. It is assumptions that till 2030 we have all the high tech facilities like we have sci-fi bent: jet packs, flying cars and hybrids brain-computer. All the works can be possible on the fingertips with the high technology of 2030. 

India will have all the latest technologies till 2030 that all the work will be performing through online. India will also have driverless cars, electric cars, etc. There will be a high increment in the automobile sector. All the houses in India will connect to the internet. 

India is leading in terms of technology, and we can’t forget that India is the country who have launched Chandrayan to Moon that also with a limited budget.

Hi-tech trains :

India has already started in investing their money in bullet trains, metro trains and all the other hi-tech trains. But still, there are many cities which have not connected through metro trains. Indian government plans to connect all the towns with metro trains till 2030. 

The Indian government will have also started trains with high speed like Gatiman express, Vande Bharat express, etc. 

Reduction in poverty:

Poverty is the main problem in India, but the government have established many beneficial policies for poor people, which can help in reducing poverty. In a comparison of last ten years, the rate of poverty has decreased, and it assures that in next ten years the rate of poverty will fall more quickly and India will able to free from the poverty and tag from the impoverished country.

Hi-tech education:

As we know that India is a country where most of the people doesn’t give importance to education. But due to the change in technology and mindsets of people, they now understand the importance of education. 

There is a massive difference in the teaching method of before and now. And till 2030 it is assuming that there will be a specific change in the education system. India will use high technology in teaching method; there will be more smart classes in schools; everything will be teaching practice so that the student will become advance.

Cashless India:

India will become cashless until 2030. Due to the demonetization in 2016 most of the people doesn’t have the cash in their hand and from that people started using credit cards or debit cards to pay the money. And this is also the scheme of Mr Narendra Modi to make India cashless so that it will also help in reducing corruption.

More developed smart cities:

Already the mission is going on in India to covert the cities in smart cities. Most of the cities have achieved the position if intelligent towns. The smart city is a city which has all the facilities like adequate drinking water, electric supply, efficient public transport, free from the garbage, etc. The Indian government aims to convert all the cities into smart cities until 2030.

The technology of science increases:

India aims to become the self-dependent country to launch the rockets in space. If we are taking the help of other countries in our space mission, we will not need it in 2030. Our science technology will increase rapidly we will be able to send more and more tasks in space. 

Here are some of the changes which you surely be facing in 2030. 

Technology is teaching us to be human again.

Technology is always evolving!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

Albert Einstein